Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Flip Flops, Slush, and Gloves or Travel Attire Made Simple

The headlineABC News: Of Bikinis and Blizzards certainly caught my about yours? You can read the whole article from ABC and John Nance, or you can take some simple advice about airline or even land travel: (in fact if you are a mom like me you probably tell your kids numbers 1, 2, 4, and 5 each and every time they leave the house!)

1. Wear comfortable but suitable clothes (shorts & halters suddenly look unsuitable among a see of business suits or winter coats at your destination).
2.ALWAYS bring a jacket, sweatshirt, or light sweater on board.
3. If traveling to a colder climate pack gloves and your heavy coat in the top or outermost part of your luggage and pray that it arrives with you.
4. Wear sensible shoes for walking and for the weather of your destination. For example: we wear flip flops year round here in Southern California. Those would not be sensible for a trek to visit family in Massachusetts until next June!
5. Pack snacks and a water bottle.

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