Saturday, February 04, 2006

Costa Rica

This article caught my eye :Fodor's Travel Wire | Just Back from Costa Rica because my one trip to Costa Rica 5 years ago for my 10th anniversary is one I'll never forget, and hope to expand upon sooner rather than later. Like my feelings for the southwest of Puerto Rico, this place is somewhere to enjoy.

The Fodor's art director gets the feeling just right: no matter how long you stay, or how much you do, you know there was more and that Costa Rica would deliver to your expectations and beyond.

I must second her regrets:
-go to Arenal - the volcano
-Arenal is the place to see and hear those howler monkeys (stay at the former observatory)
-do the canopy tour (I didn't and I regret it)
-hike as much as you can in the rainforest (I want to do more)
-enjoy San Jose - it's demise is over reported - our short time was rewarded with great food and accomodations
I would add: Go white water rafting! What a treat in warm water - now I'm hooked - once I realized I wasn't going to die (a good fall out of the boat, and my rescue did that for me).

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