Thursday, November 02, 2006

Plymouth Rock - Visit Plymouth Rock in Plymouth, Massachusetts

As we quickly approach Thanksgiving I often think of the year we left school a few days early to travel to New Hampshire to have Thanksgiving with my mom, my sister and her family, and my husband's family. This was 6 years ago, and mom had recently had a close call with her health.

As the typical "overachiever mom" I was feeling a bit guilty about pulling the kids out of school; so I decided to take them to Plimouth Plantation (the way they spell it); Plymouth Rock; and the Mayflower II near Cape Cod MA the day after Thanksgiving. Living History lesson!

The day was beyond cold, but the trip was well worth the few days of lost school and class plays. There is nothing like watching a Wampanoag carve a canoe; or like entering the "homes" like the original Pilgrims; or viewing their farm plots and feeling the initial bite of the first winter they faced.

Plan your visit or at least virtual visit to Plimouth Plantation.

For the sailor or pirate of your family, at stop at the Mayflower II is right next to the Plymouth Rock.

Check out Plymouth Rock for yourself here:Plymouth Rock - Visit Plymouth Rock in Plymouth, Massachusetts

Next on my "to do list" for Plymouth is a Cranberry Bog Tour. In the meantime I must content myself with the Google Earth's rendition of the cranberry bogs. I'm told October is the best time to tour the bogs.

On a side note: I am thankful that my mom now lives a meager 2.5 miles from me and visiting her no longer involves a cross country trek. I am thankful that her health is greatly improved.

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