Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Skis, Cribs, and Groceries at Your Vacation Rental's Door!

File this in the why didn't I think of that category! Tahoe Daily Tribune - News: "a mobile company called Black Tie Ski Rentals.

From a warehouse based on lower Kingsbury Grade, DeBacker will deliver ski equipment to those who either don't want to haul it on vacation or would like to try out newer stuff than what they may already own."

How many times have you hauled all your ski equipment along in a car or airplane, paid extra, waited for it to arrive (hoping it wasn't stolen), crammed it in the rental car that was supposed to have ski racks, etc? Too many times right? Me too! Next time have it delivered by www.blacktieskies.com

What about all the baby stuff? Car seat? Check. Portable crib? Check. Stroller? Gate check. Booster seat? no way - Well www.babysaway.com will deliver to your destination. Makes me almost want to have another baby - well not really!

Then there's the shopping for food issue. You are with the kids, arrive late and hungry, and you have to stop at the local grocery to stock that fridge because they'll be hungry when they get up, and well, you do need that morning cup of coffee, right? If you are lucky, you'll be vacationing in the delivery area of www.freshdirect.com or a similar service. I used them this summer, and besides a broken bottle of beer that was probably my fault; they stocked our NYC vacation rental apartment quite well for the week!

I wonder who is going to start delivering boogie boards, surf boards, snorkels, and fins for all us beach bums next?

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