Thursday, October 19, 2006

Navigating in the Post 9/11 Travel Scene

Since 9/11 travel has changed in many ways. No longer can the US domestic traveler hope to arrive shortly before their flight and run to catch the plane as the door closes. However, your travel, domestic or international can go smoothly with just a little homework ahead of time. I provide links here for some of the most common issues travelers face today.

Do I need a passport to go to Canada? Mexico? The British Virgin Islands?
Do I need a passport for my 11 year old?
When will the new electronic passports be available?
Where do I go to get a passport and what documents will I need to show?
These are questions that many Americans are now finding themselves asking, and if they haven't they are finding out that they must now consider these issues. For complete information on documents required for re-entering the United States from travel outside, go to the reliable source:Passport Home - at the US Department of State. You will find that any US Citizen, regardless of age, and out of country destination, will need a passport shortly.

Carry on and Item Restrictions for Airline Travel

I was fortunate enough to take my last flight before the new scare involving liquid components in London. As I prepare, though, for my next flight, I'm really not sure what I can take and what I can't. To answer all questions "TSA" I recommend you start at the banned items page for the most current information. Personally, my motto is "if in doubt leave it out." Who wants the hassle? The most interesting NO carry-on items on the list, to vacation rental guests are probably golf clubs and many food and drink items. I'm glad my children are no longer little. We used to travel with many of the the banned items in a small cooler gel ice packs and quite a few trips were salvaged...plan on buying your drinks after the security check and make sure you have good luggage for all your checked items.

US Customs - the only way to be up to date on US Customs policies for your specific travel requirements is to check out the current US Customs website - here you will find links for procedures, restricted goods, and advisory.

Traveler's Health - worried about something as exotic as Avian Flu or as simple as what vaccines you need for safe travel? Go to the CDC Website for Travelers

Visas - do you need a visa to travel to Italy? Start at the State Department's website and you will be led to the consulate for the place you wish to visit. Are you coming to the United States and need a visa? See Destination USA.

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