Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cancel my Flight: I want to be in Georgetown ME on July 11, 2009

Doggone it! The Georgetown Maine annual auction at the Five Islands Station is on July 11 this year...and of course that's when I'm due to fly home from almost 3 weeks at our great waterfront cottage just a few minutes down North End Road. This auction was my first experience with a live auction and I look forward to it every year. Mainers have lots of interesting stuff in their barns and it ends up at this auction... My list of buys include:
-a gas grill with a rodent nest that ended up at the transfer station
- a rabbit hutch we drove home 3000 miles - our bunny loved it but we looked like the Beverly Hillbillies for sure
- a collection of Harry Potter books on tape that have given my daughter hours of enjoyment
- some antique linens that probably saw many ladies play bridge, and now grace my bunco tables
- a wicker settee that looked cute but flaked paint and lasted a few seasons
- a custom name paint job for our boat that my husband never had done (I wonder if it expires?)
- a Hopper print that graces our cottage wall whose frame is worth more than I paid, but is matted in a slightly odd way
- a limited edition lighthouse serving tray from Georgetown Pottery

I'm small time at this auction...I'll never forget the year that the Moorings B&B was furnishing their place - they spent thousands...or all of the original artwork...and the dinghies, canoes, and even a sailboat now and then.

All proceeds benefit the Geoergetown Maine VOLUNTEER fire department who have saved many at Reid State Park. You can always count on some great live lobster packages, or just visit one of our in the rough lobster joints after the auction. Maine governors and officials have been known to auctioneer as well!

Where: Just left off 127 on Five Islands Road.
When: July 11 9 am.

Get there early to preview the merchandise or get the best of the White Elephant and bake sale. Buy a few chances for the Georgetown Working League's one of a kind quilt. To donate items (not stoves, fridges, washers, a/c, used mattresses) call David Knauber at 207-371-2020. Deadline is just a few days before the auction - so clean out the barn now!

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