Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another Vacationer Discovers Vacation Rentals Apartments in NYC!

Summer of 2006 I took my girls to Manhattan and rented an amazing flat in midtown Manhattan for far less than a hotel, and with far better flavor and our own back yard. I'm pleased to see the following article as others discover the joys of vacation rentals in urban settings. In fact I stayed at a rental in the Belltown District of Seattle for just 3 nights last month while looking at colleges with my high school junior, and an Central Athens Apartment 2 weeks ago while accompanying my husband on a business trip to Athens Greece. Vacation rentals are no longer just for beach stays, golf getaways, and ski vacations. Check out the full article at:

Catholic Online - Travel: "Manhattan walk-up let us feel like native New Yorkers
By Joan Chrissos

McClatchy Newspapers (
McClatchy Newspapers (MCT) - I was at the point of canceling our New York City family vacation.

I had scoured travel Web sites, checked my American Express deals, talked to New York friends about bed & breakfasts _ yet couldn't find a place to stay in the Big Apple that was reasonably priced and could accommodate seven people, or two families traveling together.

Then a friend told me about Vacation Rental By Owner, or

Thus began my journey into renting a New York apartment for four nights. By scrolling through and Googling 'New York City vacation rentals,' I discovered a cottage industry of New Yorkers who rent out apartments to travelers _ often for less or comparable rates to a New York hotel room, plus all the comforts of home, including a kitchen and washer-and-dryer.

A caveat, however: Know your neighborhoods. One listing was for a 'Beautiful Upper West Side 4-5 Bedroom, 2 baths,' with hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling windows and a photo of a lush tree-lined street. The catch: The apartment was on West 171st Street, about 71 blocks north of the neighborhood most people would call the Upper West Side.

As we wanted to be near the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park and a few subway st"


china travel said...

Nice post, before I read a blog about the rental option during the vacation ,you are right the rental apartment is acceptable choice to fullfill our trip with low expenditure and make ourselves at home.I love this kind of rental apartment because we can feel ourselves staying own home,and the house are aquipped with fully utilities,such as kitchen and washer-and-dryer.Thanks for sharing us.

Ian said...

I've been planning to go to Manhattan for a vacation. I've never been there before, and I promised myself not to pass up the chance this year. I've been checking these vacation apartment rentals (New York City) that my friends mentioned to me, and I'm already impressed with their rooms and amenities!

How was your stay there? What places did you go to?