Thursday, August 17, 2006

Vacations Teens Will Love? - "Whatever"

As much as many marketing professionals honestly try to do their jobs well (I know it is my chosen, if not deferred profession), some things just don't ring true. Take this great press release by a vacation rental web site. It headlines with "Top 10 Excursions Even Teens Will Love". It got me to click through! Although the excursions sound great (helicoptering, white water rafting, surf lessons, ski racing) and would definitely entertain the teen for the day (what about the other 5 or 6), the truth is, many teens can be pleased occasionally...But they are still likely to resist the familial efforts at togetherness. In my opinion though, the writer did get something right besides high excitement (and cost) outings that will help to get your teen on the plane or in the car: stay in a private vacation rental - preferably with a room of their own. You know, the one they can turn into a cave while they sleep until noon when you are out having the time of your life! Other leading places to look for rentals include (these are just a few):
Vacation Rentals
Vacation Rentals by Owner
Great Family Rentals
and now for last minute getaways within the next 2 weeks (why not surprise your teen)is Lickety Trip

My tongue in cheek Top 10 Ways to Make Teens Happy on Vacation:
1. Rent private home with high def satellite plasma TV in their room.
2. Stock pantry with lots of junk food and chocolate.
3. Make sure there is good cell phone reception.
4. Ditto for wireless internet.
5. Let them bring a friend.
6. Take them on one or two high priced, high excitement outings without their younger sibling(s).
7. Drop them at the local shopping attraction.
8. Drop them at the local hot looking teen attraction.
9. Let them sleep until 2pm and stay up all night.

What to do? Balance, don't expect them to be different people from who they are at home, and bring the iPod!

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