Sunday, August 27, 2006

New England Fall Foliage

Fall is fast approaching in New England. I talked with my sister yesterday who is camping in North Conway, NH this week. She's camping a week later than normal, and said that the change in weather is noticable already. Primarily, the nights are cooler. As I sit here in Southern California, trying to keep cool (I don't expect any sympathy), I start to daydream about fall in New England. See I moved away in 1989, and have missed the fall season and foliage ever since!

Fall in New England, is without question, the best anywhere. I've met more people since I moved away that get a dreamy look in their eyes about New England and Maine and the dream they think of is those amazing colors, blue sky, warm days, crisp nights, apples, and lobster.

Most visitors, however, have no idea how to approach New England, especially in the fall. It's a moving target for the best colors, and most of the best colors happen in places without a local Marriott.

Of all the fall guides, and foliage guides, I think you will find this one: "New England Foliage Central - Autumn in New England - Complete Guide to Fall for Travelers and Others Who Love the Season" at to be the most comprehensive, and easy to follow with email updates. Keep in mind, everyone want to time the "perfect trip" - book now or travel midweek.

Enjoy - I'm dreaming of my fall trip when the kids graduate high school already!

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