Thursday, April 25, 2013

Menopause The Musical

Seems like a hop skip ago that my posts were about traveling with little kids. Now I'm asking them to be our designated driver.

Two weeks ago I got to travel with my 82 year old mother in law (widow), 59 year old sister in law (widow), 55 year old sister (45 days shy of divorce finality), my younger daughter (17)), my saintly husband (54), and me (49). Can you picture it yet?

Said husband, who has been practicing diplomacy between women for over 23 years now, was brilliant enough to send us middle aged ladies out for a night of comedy and cocktails in Ft. Myers Florida. Oddly enough, he had seen "Menopause" by himself in Vegas a few months ago (poor boy) and thought of his sister.

At the Ft Myers Broadway Palm we were set up with seats that appeared to alternate every other, but we didn't realize this was dinner theater style seating as opposed to buffet then seating. So after some liquid courage in the form of Cosmos & Painkillers, we joined our new best friends for dinner & a show. I got the grand prize table with 7 women who came on a bus. They let me know right away what was tough, dry, tasteless, and edible. I was wondering if I was the only pre or peri menopausal woman in the audience. Let's just say, bedazzle sales are running hot on Florida's gulf coast.

As the show drew near, my family and I were able to draw close. We laughed until we almost peed our pants, fanned ourselves when no one else did, and had a great time tapping our feet to the familiar tunes.

As I spent another week in Florida with my sister, we often found ourselves referring to the inside jokes & tunes of Menopause: a sure sign that we had a grand time.

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