Sunday, June 26, 2011

Solitude and a Foggy Day in Maine

It's just 48 hours since I arrived atmy summer rental in Maine.I've been doing this for over a decade, but this time is different. I came alone. Yes one glorious week to be responsible to just myself.

I have visions of reading late into the night, eating a bit here and there that creates little mess, long leisurely walks beach combing, Antique hunting for the fixtures I should have bought, and completing my rock/fairy garden.

Down poors the rain, in rolls the fog...this is June in Maine. Poor weather and all this has been marvelous. I've managed to break bread with a dear friend, finish an entire summer read "Summer Rental," if you must know, and spent the day beach combing at Reid State Beach.

As for wildlife, it abounds: big fat Robin, agile squirrels, a couple of does, a mamma wild turkey & two babies, nesting Piping Plovers, a jellyfish, and the best of the day: a seal pup basking on the rocks & seaweed.

Sometimes having nothing to do gives you the opportunity to do everything you want. I capped off the evening making a summer cocktail appropriate for Maine: Blueberry Cosmopolitan: 1 part blueberry vodka, 3 part cosmo mix, ice. Shake, drain, adjust to tast, serve with 3 fresh blueberries,

Do you have a favorite solitary getaway? Or a signature cocktail?


business travel companies said...

Whenever it is rainy, I always go for the classic board games and charades.

Vacation Mamma said...

@ business travel companies: Yes I like those board games or a puzzle too. My favorite is Scrabble. All our vacation rentals have family board games, and of course charades just takes friends or family. Great idea.