Thursday, May 08, 2008

Vacation Mamma Suffers No Vacation Stress

Wow - I've been neglecting this blog something awful. I wish it were because I've been off traveling. Instead, I've been building my new vacation rental property management business. I took and passed my CA RE Broker's license and have been building a boutique property management firm specializing in beach rentals. It's a huge labor, love, and learning curve. Needless to say there hasn't been a lot of time or money for travel the last 6-9 months. know it's bad when your teenager says - "gee we haven't been anywhere good since last summer." Well of course I disagree (she's 15 we don't agree on much these days). There's dad's birthday RV rental and staying at Casper Wilderness Park outside San Juan Capistrano. There's that trip to Las Vegas (the Venetian, MGM Grand, Ka and Dane Cook) in December. There's my birthday trip to LA (architectural tour, Westin Bonaventura, and Wicked at the gorgeous Pantages Theater) in January. "Those don't count" she recants. In fact she says "we should have skipped those and saved for something big." Of course I'm thinking "we did save for something big: new furniture and blinds for the family room." Of course it's hard to feel good about that when we are sitting in the same family room with the sun keeping the TV faded on the same worn love seat while we still wait for said furniture. Funny how spoiled my family has become when we don't count $1000 weekends as vacations any more!

Well instead of getting depressed...I'll instead focus on my blessings near to home and those mini trips in addition to those above that I have been able to enjoy:
- a day trip to the Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve near Lancaster, CA (2.5 hours from south Orange County CA)
- a day trip to Temecula for a Cancer for College Golf Tournament with Will Ferrell (I lost that photo when my iPhone broke)
- an overnight trip wine tasting in Temecula, CA with my book club just an hour away (we are reading our 100th book this fall! - and trying to get on Oprah)
- an overnight business trip to Las Vegas two weeks ago for a Vacation Rental Manager's seminar/conference with my good friend and business partner (where we checked out the condotel MGM Signature Towers (fantastic), the new club LAX, and surprisingly good appetizers and wine at the Golden Nugget during our conference)
-countless trips to the beach at T-Street in San Clemente,CA to drop my teenager
-at least two sunsets at Pine's Park in Dana Point, CA with my pre teen
-innumerable trips to North Coast Village in Oceanside, CA to look at and set up new vacation rentals for my clients at the beach
-many afternoons in my back yard pool hear in Southern CA when most others still have the heat running (at least I just have to heat my pool and spa)

Whew - stress gone! I'm not feeling stressed at all now...hmm time to get planning our trip to Maine this summer and to check out colleges in NYC and Boston!

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