Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Wish List for the Traveling Mom

I got the idea for this post from another blog: WAHM Spotlite who published a Christmas wish list for work at home mom's (which I am).

Here's A Christmas Wish List for the Traveling Mom on Your Gift List this Year

Warning: these items are practical, but what she really wants!

1. An L.L. Bean or other brand hang up sundrie bag. I bring a ton of stuff as a woman - shampoo, conditioner, razor, lotion - you know the essentials and then some. It would be nice to pack them in something other than ziplock bags (I check my toiletries now thanks to the TSA). Practical - easy for family from away to purchase and have shipped directly.

2. A pretty passport/travel folio. I got a very male looking travel folio with the last piece of nice luggage I bought from Travel Pro. Although it's very functional, I'd like one with a bit more style, or even color. I use this folio now every time I travel, after a trip to Europe a year ago. With the new security regulations I find it handy even if I'm not bringing my passport. I put my tickets, itinerary, photo ID, some cash, and a credit card in there so I never have to fish around in my purse as I go through security. I found that this folio can replace my wallet when I'm on vacation since I don't need all those extra items I usually have in there. The perfect gift from a sister or close friend.

3. Stocking Stuffers:
Travel size (less than 3.5 oz) of my favorite lotion or at least one that's similar. With all the handwashing and lugging around on a trip, my hands are eternally dry. Perfect item to ask the kids to buy you. Inexpesive, but special.

Ditto with lips - so a fresh ChapStick (not a stinky one please) would be a welcome stocking stuffer too.

A memory stick in case I need to bring files not on my laptop. For guys to purchase who don't like to shop at Origins, Bath and Body Works, and the Body Shop.

Luggage ID. My mother in law crocheted these brightly colored "snakes" that we can tie on our suitcases. Makes them easy and quick to identify at baggage claim. Perfect gift from the handy crafter.

4. A new MacBook Pro. You didn't think everything would be easy and inexpensive did you? I have a Dell. I hate it. He has a MacBook Pro. I love it.

5. A soft eye mask for sleeping and a small but comfortable neck/travel pillow. Though not practical for most short trips, worth the extra carry on baggage for international and cross country flights and train rides. Throw in a pair of ear plugs (not those ugly orange ones for in the workshop) and make a gift basket out of this! Skip the blow up pillow - they are very uncomfortable.

6. A pair of noise cancelling headphones. I'm coveting the Bose on the ear product, but there are lots out there. She'll wear them on the plane even without music and be in a much better mood when she arrives a her travel destination.

7. A gift certificate to iTunes or her favorite music download spot. Nothing like her own new music to make the trip shorter. If she isn't a music person, how about a bookstore gift certificate to Amazon or her favorite book seller.

8. For the "roadtrip" warrior who travels by auto or RV with her family, buy an eyemask that can be put in the fridge for stress relief. Not only will mom enjoy, but when the kids get antsy, they'll have fun passing this number around!

9. Round Trip Tickets to a New or Favorite Destination, a night or two in a hotel in a nearby city, an already planned trip...
For the travel junkie, what do they want most? More travel! Go for it and surprise the one you love with a trip - before the New Year!

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