Thursday, December 28, 2006

More on Child Safety, and other Precautions While on Vacation

I recently posted on a handy id/location reminder bracelet for vacation safety. Here is another link to a good habit for family vacations and visits to tourist attractions where you may become separated: Tangerine Suites - Orlando Vacation Homes - Post details: Safety for your children while on vacation: "Take a current, wallet-sized school picture of your child(ren) with you on your trip."

Other handy tips:
1. Make photo copies of your passports, driver's licenses and other travel documents and keep them separate from the originals in case of loss or theft while traveling. Just try to catch a flight home when you've lost your wallet on vacation!

2. Keep an updated will, and send a copy to your executor.

3. Make sure a trusted friend, neighbor or family member can get into your home in case of emergency. While away we've needed clothes shipped for a funeral, had a neighbor have to break in because the pet sitter got locked out, and needed our computers turned on.

4. Leave your itinerary and numbers to your accommodations with friends or family and a neighbor. We've found this to bring peace to people in these terrorist troubled times, and to bring peace to the neighborhood when the sprinklers create a geyser.

5. Call your credit card company and bank before you go so your charges aren't declined! With fraud on the rise, more and more financial institutions are declining out of the norm transactions. Unfortunately, they often call your home phone and leave a message, while you are away and can't charge that once in a lifetime excursion.

Bon Voyage!

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