Monday, June 05, 2006

Ten big honeymoon trips - on little budgets

The article:Salt Lake Tribune - Ten big honeymoon trips - on little budgets is just the kind of thing that today's Brides and common vacationers alike need more of. This newspaper looked into current trends in weddings and honeymoons, and noted that costs keep rising. I know when I was married, some 15+ years ago I wanted the same thing brides want now: romance and adventure, that won't cause me (or for some their parents) to go into debt for years to come. Although all the magazines had great ideas for romance and adventure, the budget always seemed ridiculous.

Finally, so real life sensible alternatives, short of camping and backpacking...

Here is an excerpt from the text. View the full article at the link above.

"* St. Barths, a tony French island in the Caribbean, made it into the top 10 for the first time, garnering mentions for romance, food, seclusion and sexy ambience. Hotel Guanahani & Spa ($406-plus per night) was ranked high for its plunge pools.
Cheap alternative: Instead of flying to St. Barths, which can cost upward of $1,000 round trip, fly to St. Maarten (about $580 on American) and take a ferry to St. Barths (about $110 round trip). Book a villa through a private owner: At Vacation Rentals by Owner (, a three-bedroom villa starts at about $1,650 a week. "

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