Tuesday, May 23, 2006

ABC News: Americans Still Traveling Despite High Prices-Tips to Save on Vacations

ABC News: Americans Still Traveling Despite High Prices - I'm still going are you? ABC News says yes.

AAA says 1 million more Americans will travel this coming weekend, the unofficial start of the summer vacation season.

Check out the ABC travel article above for a few of their tips that are decent, but DO take advantage of these:
Stay at a vacation rental instead of a hotel. You'll save and save again. You can choose from coastal cottages, Caribbean villas, to condos in resort settings.
Eat at Least One Meal a Day Out of a Restaurant - buy a cheap cooler that you can throw away or leave behind if one isn't supplied with your rental. Stock up on local specialties and bring along a picnic, or eat cereal and fruit on the patio. Your waist and wallet will thank you and you can spend your money on local fun, or save it for another vacation.
Search for Coupons and Deals Online. Before you go, pick up an Entertainment Guide for your destination or check out the special attractions online. Do a search for "attraction discounts" and see what local stores might have well priced tickets. Costco and other warehouse memberships are famous for this.

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