Sunday, April 02, 2006

Travel: Intrepid Traveler: Fun sleeps that don't cost a fortune

I don't usually blog about real cheap vacations - getting the most for your dollar, yes; good value, yes, but really cheap - no! That said, my 22 year old, recent college graduate, nephew has been staying with us for a few weeks now, while he gains some work experience courtesy of my husband's company, and while he looks for something more permanent. I had nearly forgotten what it was like to truly have no money. Not no money in my pocket, not no money in my checking account, but really no money...that doesn't come from benevolent family members...

I'm starting to remember, and as I recall those times coincided not only with a strong desire to see and do everything, but also with a willingness to bunk with friends, sleep on the floor, share bathrooms, and stay in apartments on top of the train tracks, just to experience life. Along comes this article: Fun sleeps that don't cost a fortune. The article points out and gives you contact information for several US hostels or hostel type accomodations (which are a common way to travel on the cheap in Europe) in great locations. On this little list alone you can find cheap places to sleep in Redwood National Park, Breckenridge Colorado, Cape Cod, and NYC! Too bad I've grown old and cranky and like luxury beds, and private baths too much :)

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